7th Autonomous Driving & AI Cockpit China Summit 2024
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7th Autonomous Driving & AI Cockpit China Summit 2024

Topic Highlights 2024:

  • The Impact of the First EU ‘Artificial Intelligence Act’ in History on the Intelligent Vehicle Industry

    Intelligent Driving Embraces Large Models, Commuting NOA Practice

    New Generation of Ultimate Architecture for All-Scenario Intelligent Driving

    Data Lake Built based on AI Cloud Technology Enables Autonomous Driving

    The Practice of L4 Level Autonomous Driving and How to Achieve Commercialization

    Thoughts and Practice on ICV EEA 3.0

    Intelligent Driving + Smart Cockpit Integration: Single System-on-Chip SoC

    Large Model Full-Scenario Intelligent Driving Interactive Experience

    ChatGPT Is on the Car, Large Model Intelligent Cockpit Multi-Modal Deep Integration

    Virtual Engine Empowers Cross-Terminal Interaction in the Automotive Metaverse

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  • 2 Days Focus on Innovative Implementation Solutions for Intelligent Driving, L3 Practice & Smart Cockpit under the AI Wave,and Reshape the Future Evolution of Advanced EEA

  • 7 Year’s Flag Event, Focusing on Latest Automotive Technologies, like AIGC、Web 3.0, Metaverse, etc

  • 30+ Distinguished Experts from Intelligent Driving, Smart Cockpit and AI to Share Their Informative Insights

  • 40+ Domestic and Foreign OEMs & AI Company Participated in the Conference and Communicated On-Site

  • 300+Experts Covering The Entire Industry Chain, including OEMs, System Integrators, Solution Service Providers, Software Suppliers, etc

  • 150+Professional Media Partners Reports

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